You Have Four Months a Year to Get the Best Deals for the Best Used Executive Cars

Executive cars are luxurious looking cars. They also cost as much, so when you decide to go for an executive car, among other features, price is one big deciding factor. But is there a right time to buy a great second hand executive car? And if so, why would it matter when you buy it? In an attempt to help you make the best deals on your next new used car, I will try to explain a few things that should make things clearer.

Some of the best used executive cars can be found online, on a selling platform like or at a dealer’s shop. There are advantages and disadvantages for both options. One thing is for sure though; you must see the car and have it inspected before signing the papers. Since this thing is inevitable, you’ll also get to find out whether the car is sold by a dealer or by a private seller.

A dealer has targets to meet every month/trimester, etc. This fact alone makes it sometimes difficult to get a good deal for your car as you have to consider his fee too. Yet, there is a solution to this situation as well as with any other situation in life. The best time to buy a new second hand executive car is around the time when the quarterly sales targets have already been met. This means you will have the end of each month of March, June, September and December. Car models need to be shifted around that time and because of that, your dealer may be more open to negotiation. You might even get a very attractive finance offer, if your negotiation skills are very polished!

car sellerBuying from a private seller on the other hand, may make things a bit more complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Negotiation skills again may turn things around your way. If that’s not possible though, mid – end of December is still a great time to buy the best used executive car you want. This is the perfect time to grab the car for a good deal as everyone who’s looking to sell something, wants it done around the Holidays. Either they need the money for new cars and gifts, or they simply want to be done with the hassle and enjoy some nice, quiet Holidays.

When you buy from a private seller it would also be smart to wait a few months before making the leap. If the price of the car is dropping, you should wait until it stabilizes. If the prices are going up though, you should act fast and buy it sooner.  Another good tip for you would be to do all your important transactions during the working days of the week or the first days of the month, when people usually get their salaries. The summer period is also a good time to buy from private sellers, as they’re getting ready for their leaves and vacations. Buying that second hand executive car may be easier to buy this time around when the focus of the seller is directed elsewhere.

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