How to get a sense of when the next economic downturn comes

Probably most of us vividly remember the last economic recession, the impact it had on businesses all over the world. This is something that we wouldn’t want to go through again, due to its impact on our livelihood, but unfortunately these major events will happen again in the future. They are appearing at certain intervals, and the effects they are having on people’s lives and on the businesses are major. The effects are usually felt in many countries, and many activity sectors.

Any entrepreneur with a proactive mindset has all the reasons then to get prepared to face such a major event, that can be somehow predicted. And I would add in general people and businesses should be prepared to face any type of risks, from economic downturn to a company crisis, a sector crisis, etc This preparedness will make the difference between a business that goes under when hit by a crisis, and one that survives. Not only that, but you can even find your business develop and grow after going through a major crisis. Such an event should be a great opportunity to learn and adapt. The plans you had and helped you go through it should be revised and improved, based on the lessons you learned during your struggles.

A financial crisis a major force, that will hit a lot of industries, companies and individuals. People’s behaviors change drastically, and you can suddenly find yourself from a comfortable and constant growth situation to chasing customers to pay their bills, and to get that all important cash into your business. There are some key warning signs that could hint a major crisis is coming. Analysts and agencies specialized in this field can make relatively clear predictions about these. Things such as manufacturing contraction, stock market plummeting, unemployment rise, gold price rising, corporate profits declining, and other clues can trigger a warning signal for you to prepare for a major shock hitting in a period of months to a year.

Being aware of these signs, having a plan put in place, will give you an advantage many people and businesses simply don’t have. You don’t have to be like them, and definitely there are other proactive businesses and entrepreneurs thinking about these things and preparing for them. It is best to connect with such likeminded individuals. Make your businesses stringer in the face of adversity. You should not face the next major economic downturn  alone, rather in a strong network of entrepreneurs who don’t leave their business survival to the chance. Know ho your most valuable employees are, your best and most loyal customers, business partners, suppliers. They should be your focus when a crisis hits your company. Any crisis can bring opportunities with it, not only hardship. Identify such possible opportunities and take advantage of them if possible. The response to a crisis is ultimately up to you, and you can choose to be among the few who are prepared for it.

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