Enjoy the views with a roof terrace conversion

Loft conversions are a very popular way of adding new space to your home when your housing needs increase. Whether you need one or more extra bedrooms, a home office, a play room, a study, they are a great option to increase the available space so you won’t have to move to a new home. This is perfect when you are pleased with your current home and neighborhood and just need more space. Loft conversions are also adding value to your home, when you want to sell it in the future. If done right, they can be cost effective and relatively fast, and depending on the scale of the work you are doing, you may even be able to live in your home while you are doing the conversion.

The loft extension has another great quality, it does not take from your existing garden space, unlike a house extension, where you will need to sacrifice some land. It will use the existing house structure and build upwards. This way, you will keep your valuable outdoor space, and most people value this opportunity. If you go with a roof terrace conversion, you can gain even more outdoor space. The terrace can be very small or quite large, but even a smaller one could accommodate a bistro table and a couple of chairs, allowing you to enjoy some fresh air in the mornings or evening or while having a break from work.

Choosing to have some outdoor space will sacrifice some of the space available in your new livable loft, but the benefits of having the terrace might compensate that. There are many lofts conversion types, and that is the beauty of doing a loft conversion. Whatever your new housing needs are, there will be a solution for you. It will help knowing the types of conversions, the advantages and drawbacks of each, the time and money required to complete them, and a loft conversion building company or experienced architect can advise you on all these matters.

Some loft conversions require little work, and won’t affect the roof structure or impact your neighbors. A Velux conversion is such an example, as these conversions only add windows to the loft for the light to come in, but don’t change the structure of the roof. Other conversions will require extensive work and structural changes, changing the look of the house or impacting your neighbors. Especially when your house is in a conservation area, or when you are doing significant work, it will most likely require planning permission.

The roof terrace conversion is such an example. You should consider the advantages and disadvantages of any of these conversions, but even if your conversion will take more time and money to complete, it may be convenient for you in the long run, because of the space and functionality you are gaining. Instead of having unused space in your attic, you can turn it into livable space adapted to your needs. And considering a terrace or a balcony is a great idea to take advantage of your new roof space, away from the traffic and the noise. With a loft conversion you are gaining a new enjoyable view of the sky and the surroundings.

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